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Plastics additives

Recycled plastic PET PBT PC chain extender additives

  PET chain extender additives

  Recycled PET chain extender additives

  recycled plastic additives

Company Information

  Recycled plastic PET PBT PC chain extender additives

We provide solid acrylic resins powder,PMMA/PS microspheres and silicone resin powder includes BMA/MMA, EA/MMA,EMA/MMA, MMA, BMA, IBMA, Styrene and so on various copolymer of acrylate series widely used in coatings, inks ,plastic, LED cover, LCD diffusion film and cosmetic. 

Product Description


                                                                       Product Code:PCE901

PET and PBT resins Chain Extender


PCE901 is a low-cost additive converting recycled PET flakes into high-IV crystalline pellets that can be used in high-value applications ( bottles, strapping, foam, engineering alloys/compounds ).



A dramatic improvement in the performance of PCE901 if it is added to the extruder in a concentrate using a polyarbonate (PC) carrier.


Suggested Uses:

Enhancement of the intrinsic viscosity of PET and PBT -Reactive extrusion of PET and PBT -Melt strength enhancement of PET and PBT for the production of blown foams -As a melt viscosity and melt-strength-enhancing additive for modifying PET for film blowing and extrusion blow moulding applications -Upgrading of recycled PET flake to resin suitable for bottling applications(>0.80 dL/g) -As an additive to reduce the time necessary for solid-phase polymerization of PET and PBT resins -To increase the elongational viscosity of PET and PBT resins by facilitating extended and branched architectures



Silicone Microsphere (INCI name : Polymethylsilsesquioxane)

LED PC cover Silicone resin powder for light diffusion agent


Silicone mono-dispersion microspheres provide ultra-uniform and higher transparency than inorganic micro-powder. It can be wildy used in PMMA, PC, PS, PVC and PET masterbatches and increase light diffusion and luminance


  • Ø   Narrow particle size distribution
  • Ø   Matting agent
  • Ø   Anti-blocking agent
  • Ø   Excellent transparency, light diffuse effect and luminance
  • Ø   Very high heat resistance over 350 degree

Typical propeties

l   Physical form                    white micro powder

l   N.V.                                     > 98%

l   D50 Average particle size              2±1 um

l   Refraction index                     1.43  


u  Light diffuse agent of LED cover and tube for PC masterbatches.

u  PMMA, PC, PS, PVC and PET sheet or plate plastic substrates.

u  Light diffuse agent for Plastic plate




Product Code:ACL4                                  

PC/PS/MS plate as light diffusion agent PMMA Spherical Micro beads
 (INCI Name : Cross-linked polymethyl methacrylate)


PMMA microsphere is an easy to disperse in solvent, waterborne and UV-curable coatings that it also can act as a matting agent, widely used as a texture surface for UV inks, Coil coating, Home appliances, Wood coating, Leather finishing and Plastic film or Glass anti-blocking agent.


  • Ø   Anti-scratch, Anti-blocking and Matting agent.  
  • Ø   Texture paint.
  • Ø   Particle size can be controlled within the range of 3~120um.
  • Ø   Solvent resistance(Non-swelling in MEK and BA related solvents).
  • Ø   PMMA’s composition can be modified such as softness, heat-resistance and refractive index.
  • Ø   Processes for applying coating by brush, roller and spray.

Typical propeties

Physical form                    white micro fine powder

N.V.                                  > 98%

Tg                                     > 120℃

Softening point                   > 240℃

D50 Average particle size      4 um

Density                                1.13 g/ml

Refraction index                    1.49