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HEYO's Performance and Specialty Chemicals Products business unit provides innovative technologies to several markets including UV paper varnishes, coatings & inks, laminating adhesives and graphics arts industries world-wild. We supplies solid acrylic polymers, high molecular saturated copolyester resins, waterborne polyurethane resins(PUD) and functional PMMA/PBMA/Silicone microspheres additives for the coatings, inks, adhesives and cosmetics markets with enhanced performance properties.


In addition, our another business unit is skin care OEM/ODM manufacture with ISO22716 and GMPC certification that we can offer full series service including Facial Mask, Cleanser, Toner, Essence, Cream, Capsule.   


HEYO product rang for you and our main Products range includes:

1.Coating Resins:

* High Molecular Weight and Saturated Copolyester Resins(pellet form)

* Solid Grade Thermoplastic Acrylic Resins (Solid powder form)

* Waterborne polyurethane (Polyurethane dispersion)

* Acrylic emulsion & PUA(polyurethane acrylate)

* Acrylic rubber for Textile

* Polyester polyol / Polycarbonate Diols

* Adhesion promoter / Modaflow resin(Silicone and Acrylate type)

* Water based cross-linker : Isocyanate and Carbodiimide

2.Coating & Plastic & Cosmetic additives:

* Additives of Functional PMMA,PBMA, microsphere, Boron Nitride powder and Silicone resin powder D502~10um(Organic spherical micro beads )

* Texture agent, Matting agent, Slipping(Silky) effect agent, Scratch resistance, Soft touch effect agent and   Abrasion resistance agent for coatings and inks

* Anti-blocking agent for OPP/PET film.

* Light diffusion agent for PC/PS/PMMA plate of LED

* Organic microsphere for skin care and color make up

Eco pigment (Metal free (non Cr3+), APEO free, RoHS & EN71 compliance)

3.Finish Products:

* UV curable varnish and board and Water based OPP lamination glue for printing paper

* Polyurethane Reactive(PUR) for Adhesive and Textile

* Solvent type Polyvinyl Acetate Copolymer Adhesive

4.Skin care products OEM/ODM:

* Facial Mask(Wood pulp mask / Silk mask)

* Cleanser

* Toner

* Essence(Anti-aging/Anti-wrinkle/Whitening)

* Cream(Day/Night/Eye)

* Capsule for skin care & hair oil

* Essential oil

Our high molecular weight saturated copolyester's product line including solvent-borne type, water-borne and crystalline type polyester resins. We offer broad range of product for the Coil coating, Can coating(interior & outer), Ink binder, Lidding films of flexible packaging, Flexible flat cable, PET film lamination, film surface pretreatment, Hot melt/PUR adhesive and Textile.

We provide solid grade thermoplastic acrylic resins includes BMA/MMA, EA/MMA,EMA/MMA, MMA, BMA, IBMA, Styrene and so on various copolymer of acrylate series.


Our RD team member develop a series of functional spherical polymer microparticle additives of organic type such as PMMA, PBMA(soft touch), PS, BN(Boron Nitride) and Silicone(Silk touch) micro-powder and we provide product range including coatings, inks, cosmetics and light diffusion agent of LCD/LED. 


The majority of HEYO's overprint varnishes provide the solution for the problem of environmental pollution on print finishing. The product line includes UV curing varnishes, water-based varnishes and water-based laminating adhesives in the packaging and graphic arts industry worldwide. They are used to protect and finish a variety of paper printed products such as folding boxes, stick labels, book convers, post card, and other paper products.